Briannas Home Style Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing (355ml)

by Brianna's
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Dress Your Salad In Good Taste!. SERVING SUGGESTION. Delicious on Ripe Avocados. DOES NOT CONTAIN AVOCADOS. The Del Sol Food Co., makers of "BRIANNAS" Fine Salad Dressings was established in 1982. Today, with many varieties from which to choose, "BRIANNAS" is one of America's most popular gourmet salad dressings. Every bottle is produced with family pride, and is a testament to the art of making fine salad dressing. Coming to you from our home, set in the rolling hills of Southeast Texas, we invite you to experience our award winning flavours. Enjoy!. "BRIANNAS" Dijon Honey Mustard dressing has a robust mustard flavour, tempered with the sweetness of honey. One look and you can see the difference. One taste and you can tell the difference. Our Secret? We make our dressing in small batches, and use only the finest ingredients, blended with only the purest oils and spices. All the best to you. NO MSG.

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