Bottlegreen Sparkling Elderflower & Cox's Apple Twin Pack 2 x 750ml

by Bottle Green
£7.69 GBP

Free from artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners & preservatives Eldeflower Sparkling Pressé The fresh, clean taste of hand-picked elderflowers blended with our pure, lightly sparkling water. Simply serve over ice or as an alternative to tonic when enjoying the occasional botanical gin. Cox's Apple Sparkling Pressé. Cox's apple juice blended with sparkling water. The crisp, fresh, tart flavour of this classic apple reminds us of a traditional West Country cider, it is alcohol free and makes a great drink if mixed with a good brandy. bottlegreen sparkling pressés are created by blending carefully selected high quality ingredients with lightly sparkling water. Quite simply, that's it. So you can relax, share and enjoy a range of crisp, clean soft drinks that always refresh and invigorate the palate.

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