Bonio Meaty Chip 5x375g

by Bonio
£11.69 GBP

Low in fat. Helps support healthy teeth & gums. Baked in Britain. Bonio biscuits are a complementary pet food for adult dogs Every single yummy bonio biscuit is lovingly and traditionally oven baked in Merseyside. In fact, Bonio has been making biscuits in this way at the same factory since 1932... of course with that ever reliable quality. We are also baking bonio Meaty Chip biscuits..... When we mix the biscuit dough in our factory, we are adding lots of yummy meaty pieces into every single bonio Meaty Chip biscuit. So your dog can enjoy a delicious and exciting bonio biscuit, which is also low in fat. Each wholesome biscuit contains carefully thought through ingredients including wholegrain cereals so not only are they totally tasty they are also nutritious too! Why bonio biscuits are great for dog's teeth... It's simple really, the bonio biscuit with its crunchy oven baked texture helps to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy. This will help to scrape away the plaque and to reduce tartar build up on your dog's teeth. And these yummy cookies are tasty, nutritious and low in fat! Have you tried bonio Meaty Chip bitesize? This smaller biscuits are great for small dogs - they're particularly handy to have in your pocket to treat your dog when you go on walks! Purina care about your pet's nutritional needs. All recipes have been carefully developed by Purina experts to be nutritious and good for your dog. For more interesting facts and fun, why not visit our bonio website

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