Biona Organic Bronze-Extruded Wholewheat Fusilli 4x500g

by Biona
£8.99 GBP

Organic Durum wheat - bronze extruded Suitable for vegetarians Italian pasta organic wholegrain We create pasta of exceptional quality and taste using only 100% organic Wholegrain Durum Wheat Semolina and Mountain Water. Wholegrains are naturally rich in healthy fibre and full of flavour and vitality. Biona pasta is bronze extruded which means that traditional bronze dies are used to create the shapes, giving it a slightly rougher surface which binds the sauce more naturally and follows the principles of traditional Italian pasta production. Biona pasta is made by a family owned pasta manufacturer in the North of Italy. Biona Organic We create well made food IT-BIO-009 EU - Agriculture Organic Food Federation Certified Organic EU Organic

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