Biona Organic Bronze-Extruded White Spaghetti 500g

by Biona
£2.79 GBP

Organic. Durum wheat - bronze extruded. Suitable for vegans.Biona pasta is made in a traditional Pastificio in the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy.Our ingredients are simple - only the best quality organic Durum Wheat and Alpine water.Our secret? The expertise from four generations of family tradition, dedicated to the production of the finest pasta.Following the 'slow food' philosophy, the pasta is extruded through bronze dies, then allowed a resting period before gentle drying.The result - award winning pasta of exceptional flavour and vitality.Enjoy 'al dente' with Biona pasta sauces. Buon Appetito!We Create Well Made FoodOrganic, Durum wheat - bronze extruded, Suitable for vegetarians

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