Bio Oil - 60ml

by Bio-oil
£13.09 GBP

Bio-Oil helps to reduce the appearance of all scars (both new and old) by improving the condition of skin with scar tissue. Bio-Oil helps alleviate the discomfort frequently associated with scars, such as tightness and itchiness, as well as relieving the dryness. Bio-Oil helps keep the skin as elastic as possible, thereby helping to prevent stretch marks from developing during periods of rapid change in body size such as pregnancy, adolescence and weight loss. Bio-Oil also helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. On Uneven skin tone Bio-Oil helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and promote an even skin tone.Bio-Oil helps to smooth, firm and nourish ageing and wrinkled skin.On Dehydrated skin Bio-Oil provides intensive lubrication, helping to relieve discomfort and improving the appearance of the affected area. Daily Skincare Specialist moisturiser for face and body - replenishes the skin's natural oils, stripped away by extreme weather, frequent bathing and showering and the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning.Nourishing hand and cuticle lotion.Highly effective after-sun treatment.Ideal as a bath oil.

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