Bee Natural Manuka Honey 450+mg/kg Methylglyoxal 250g

by Bee Natural
£31.00 GBP

Bee Natural raw Manuka honey is labelled on the minimum Methylglyoxal (mg/kg) content, which is tested in a independent UK laboratory to the ISO 17025 standard. We source our Manuka honey exclusively from New Zealand. Our honey is packed in a BRC global standards approved facility. Bee Natual Manuka honey measures only the uniqe Methylglyoxal (MG) compound within the honey. We do not blend our Manuka honey with other high Peroxide based honey like Honeydew and Rewarewa and we do not sell our honey based on the Peroxide Activity some times labelled: "Total Activity", "Active", "Peroxide Active", "TA". As a result our honey complies with both EU Labelling legislation and New Zealand Government quality guidelines. Due to strict legislation, we are not allowed to make any health or therapeutic claims about our Manuka honey.

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