Bear Mango Yo Yo 4x5x20g

by Bear
£13.09 GBP

Bear Peach Yo Yo Multipack 5 x 20g - 10 fruit rolls Our yummy Yo Yo's are 100% fruit rolls for kids. We pick the loveliest freshest fruit and blend them together like a big fruit smoothie.After that they go in the big cave oven for a gentle bake until it's time to roll (and rock). Lots of kid's snacks are full of added sugars and stinky sulphites but if anyone tried to put anything but fruit in our Yo Yo's we'd probably bite their heads off. Grrr Yo Yo's are a fun new way to unwind your way to your 5 a day (portions fruit & veg) and are a great for lunchboxes. Each Yo Yo bag has 2 fruit rolls inside and 1 collectable BEAR nature facts card (52 cards to collect).

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