Bear Alphabites Cocoa 4x375g

by Bear
£17.99 GBP

High in fibre With no added nonsense No added sugar and salt No artificial colours or flavours No bears were harmed... our cereals are suitable for vegans Alpha bites cocoa multigrain cereal letters No nonsense breakfast Alphabites are a delicious healthy breakfast, high in fibre with no added sugar or salt. Instead of adding refined sugars, we use coconut blossom nectar, the deliciously sweet sap from the flowers of the coconut tree to make them naturally sweet and crunchy. Because coconut blossom nectar has a much lower glycaemic index than sugar*, it prevents crazy sugar highs and grizzly sugar crashes, keeping kids fuller for longer, and fingers out of the biscuit jar. *Coconut nectar has a low GI of 35 vs 70 for refined sugars. Bear Fact Coconut blossom nectar comes from the flowers not the fruit, so it doesn't taste like coconut at all. Find out more at Grrr For a bear hug visit: or give us a growl on Please recycle your Bear box.

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