Balance Me Hair Care Shiny Clean Conditioner

by balance me
£14.09 GBP

Balance Me's richly moisturising and luxurious 97.5% natural shiny clean conditioner encourages tangle free locks and enhances the hair's natural glossy shine thanks to a fusion of a non-drying, honey-based conditioning agent, organic shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil. Bursting with fragrant goodness thanks to a bespoke blend of soothing jasmine, zest-ily cleansing grapefruit and scalp enhancing black pepper, their light and gently nourishing conditioner can be used as often as desired. For optimum results, apply after Balance Me's shiny clean shampoo, leave for a couple of minutes and rinse hair clean. Hair is left smooth, glossy and with a light citrus fragrance which is long lasting. For a total moisture boost use this conditioner as an intensive treatment. Towel dry clean hair, apply the conditioner, working into hair from scalp to tips using fingers as a comb to separate strands. Leave for up to five minutes to allow it to work into the hair shaft more deeply before rinsing thoroughly. Once dry, hair will be left glossy and irresistibly 'swishy'.

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