Bakers Complete Delicious Meaty Chunks with Tasty Beef & Country Vegetables 1...

by Bakers
£17.99 GBP

Energy - with carbohydrates for energy. With country vegetables important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D & minerals for healthy teeth & strong bones. Protein - high quality protein sources to help maintain good body condition. Fibre for good digestion and iron for healthy blood. Complete pet food for adult dogs It's the healthy balance of delicious scrummy meaty chunks & tasty crunchy kibbles, which makes our Bakers Complete® range so... doggylicious® Natural quality ingredient for Healthy Digestion balancing good and bad bacteria for healthy happy tummies ...still with a great Bakers® taste There are plenty of tasty choices to meet your dogs specific needs within the Bakers range. Whether big or small, puppy, adult or senior, you can choose from a great selection of scrummy complete meals or tasty treats and chews. After all, variety is the spice of life for dogs too! Visit our website for mouth-watering news, games, competitions and prizes!

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