Badedas Original Bath Gelee 300ml

by Badedas
£8.99 GBP

With extract of horse chestnut. With natural moisturisers. The enriched waters caressed my skin. The evocative fragrance lingered in the air. My thoughts lifted far away from reality. it was magical. Unforgettable. Experience the intensity of badedas Original Bath Gelee. A rich, concentrated formulation, with the distinctive badedas fragrance and natural moisturisers to leave your skin feeling soft, delicately fragranced, and you completely indulged. Immerse yourself in the rich, luxurious magic of badedas. - Prepare and Use: Pour under warm running water and step in. Surround yourself with an abundance of bubbles. Slide down into the fragrant waters, enriched with natural plant extracts including extract of horse chestnut. Step out of your world. Avoid contact with the eyes. Should this happen, rinse well with clean, cool water. For adult use only.

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