Baco EasyCut Cling Film Refill 60m x 350mm

by Baco
£4.09 GBP

For use in the refillable dispenser. Cling flim width - 350mm. All sizes are approximate. Baco multi-purpose cling film can be used for wrapping all foods, keeping it fresh and ready for your next meal. Can be used in a microwave as a lidding agent. Produced under British Standards approved quality system ISO 9001/2000. New Design - Insert refill roll plastic end first.> - Prepare and Use: How to refill the EasyCut Dispenser in 3 easy steps: 1. Rotate the end cap anti-clockwise, remove the end cap and then empty roll. 2. Insert the refill roll plastic end first. 3. Replace the end cap and rotate clockwise to lock. Open lid, pull the cling film through and you're done - Easy! Safety directions - To avoid suffocation, keep this product out of reach of babies and small children. - Do not use in conventional or combination ovens or microwave browning units

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