Aspall Organic White Wine Vinegar, 350 milliliters

by Aspall
£2.49 GBP

Reminiscent in colour to a good white wine this vinegar makes it perfect for use in sauces such as Hollandaise.A truly superior white wine vinegar with a clean crisp flavour and a deliciously refreshing zingy fruit aroma.Acidity: 6%Allergy Information: Suitable for coeliacs vegetarians & vegansAn ideal vinegar for use in countless sauces French vinaigrettes and marinades. Put a few drops of Aspall White Wine Vinegar in the water when poaching eggs to help set the egg white quickly. Melt 110g of butter after it foams and turns brown turn off the heat add 1 tablespoon of Aspall Organic White Wine Vinegar. Add capers serve with white fish.

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