Ariel 3in1 Pods Colour & Style - 38 Washes (38)

by Ariel
£17.20 GBP

Easy and convenient to use (1 liquitab = 1 dose). Cleans from the very heart of the wash. Helps lift off dried-in stains. Reduces the grip for dirt and for stains to set in. Vibrant colours. RECOMMENDED BY HOTPOINT. Fast and convenient to use, Ariel Excel Liquitabs clean from the very heart of your wash. Perfect for today's busy households, you simply place your liquitab in the bottom of the drum (with the wash load on top), get on with whatever you need to do, then come back to lovely clean and fresh smelling laundry. Help keep your coloured items looking vibrant and bright with Ariel with ActiliftTM Colour. Its bleach-free formula helps reduce fading - leaving your coloured clothes looking fabulous, smelling fresh, and feeling soft.

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