Alpen The Swiss Recipe No Added Sugar 1.3kg - Pack of 6

by Alpen
£31.99 GBP

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Wholewheat Flakes and Rolled Oats with Raisins and Roasted Sliced Hazelnuts and Almonds. Give yourself an uplifting start to the day! We've been creating our Alpen recipes for nearly forty years now - expertly blending flavours and textures to deliver that unique Alpen taste experience in every bowl. For this Alpen recipe, we select only the very best natural ingredients - juicy raisins, crunchy hazelnuts and almonds - and combine them with rolled oats and crispy wholegrain wheat flakes. Served with ice cold milk, Alpen gives you a deliciously creamy breakfast experience - but we know you know that! If you fancy something extra special, add a little of your favourite yogurt of some seasonal fresh fruit to the bowl. We only believe in tasty nutrition so, as well as being delicious Alpen No added sugar is also: High in fibre. Wholegrain. Low in saturated fat

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