Alfa One 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil 500ml

by Alfa One
£2.79 GBP

The Grocer Food & Drink Winner 2011 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil Good for You, Good for Your Food"¢ The most versatile oil in the kitchen. Make the healthier choice Alfa One"¢ Rice Bran Oil is naturally light and clean tasting. It contains the natural antioxidant Vitamin E and the plant sterol Oryzanol. With a high smoke point (250°C), it is ideal for all types of cooking, including baking, grilling and deep frying. - No Cholesterol - Plant Sterols, Vitamin E - High Smoke Point - Light Flavour Good for You Light, healthy & versatile, Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is nutritionally well balanced and is rich in vitamin E. Its superb cooking qualities come from the high smoke point making it ideal for frying, grilling, stir-fries and barbecues while also being perfect for salad dressings, marinades and baking. High in natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and the Gamma Oryzanol, a naturally occurring plant sterol which has been shown to reduce cholesterol absorption. Alfa One Rice Bran oil is simply one of the healthiest and most versatile cooking oils, making it the perfect choice for any dish. Baking. Alfa One Rice Bran Oil can be used in place of butter or margarine in most baking recipes. As a guide 40ml of oil in place of 50g butter, its also free of cholesterol and trans-fatty acids. Marinades. Use Alfa One Rice Bran Oil as a base for marinade. It will add tenderness to meats and chicken. Good for Your Food - Roasts. Cook your favourite roast with Alfa One Rice Bran Oil. - Panfry, Chargrill & Barbecue. Brush pans, chargrills and barbecue plates with Alfa One Rice Bran Oil before cooking. - Stir Fry. Alfa One Rice Bran Oil has such a high smoke point its ideal for cooking stir-fry meals. - Salads. Mild in flavour and aroma Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is ideal in vinaigrettes, mayonnaise and aioli. - Prepare and Use: This product may become cloudy at less than 8°C. This is normal and will clear on gentle warming.

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