Alara Everyday Gluten Free Pure Oats 500g

by Alara
£3.99 GBP

Contains wholegrains Gluten & wheat free Suitable for coeliacs These pure wholegrain oats make delicious, hearty, gluten free porridge... Take this box of pure oats prepare your porridge the way you like it most and relish every spoon! Comforting and delicious, these oats contain slow releasing carbohydrates to keep you going for hours! Pure oats is a good way to welcome the sun, every day At the heart of our story is you ...well, you and the environment. That's why we've devoted every year since 1975 to creating the healthiest & the tastiest muesli in a way that would also be kind to the earth. Form sourcing locally whenever possible, developing food growing community gardens, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and becoming Zero Waste, we hope that little things make a Big difference. Choosing our delicious breakfast cereal is one of the little things you can do. It's a tasty, healthy start to your day that helps us look after tomorrow. That's a first We are proud to be the first cereal company in the world to be Organic and Fair Trade certified, licensed by the Coeliac Society and Zero Waste. Welcome the Sun* *Our delicious & sustaining cereals depend on the warmth & life giving energy of the Sun. Our future lies with alternative sustainable ways of living also depending on the Sun. That's why we 'Welcome the Sun' Oats sourced from the UK and Ireland (during bad crops overseas sources may be used) The cardboard of this box is made from sustainably sourced wood in an ISO 14001 certified company. Please recycle this box! - Prepare and Use: Serving suggestion: For a delicious breakfast add 100ml of water or milk of your choice to 30g of porridge. Cook for 2-3 minutes on the stove or in a microwave. Allergen advice Most of gluten allergy sufferers can eat pure oats without any effect on their health. However if you suffer from gluten intolerance, introduce this product to your diet carefully and if necessary consult your doctor. Produced in a factory that han

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