A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil 23ml

by A'kin
£25.49 GBP

"The perfect antidote to tight, tired & dull skin during flights or after sun exposure. Revitalise your skin with just a few drops to see your natural radiance shine through. Fine lines appear diminished, sagging skin gains bounce and vibrancy and skin looks and feels instantly more youthful. Just a few drops of this anti-ageing miracle worker, under your daily moisturiser, will instantly boost your skin's natural glow. Apply across the face, neck and decollete for gorgeous, glowing, hydrated skin. A pure and organic formulation that your skin will love. For dry, sensitive or normal skin, not recommended for oily skin. To use: After cleansing and toning, apply 3 to 4 drops to fingertips and gently massage onto face. Follow with Rosehip and Shea Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Creme Top 10 - 50 ways to use Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil: 1. Enjoy the benefits of healthy hair and scalp by using a few drops for a revitalising scalp massage 2. Simply apply a few drops under your day cream to instantly revive dull, tired looking skin leaving a more youthful appearance 3. Tap into the eye area to reduce fine lines and wrinkles 4. Calm sensitive, reddened, irritable skin with just a few drops 5. Use 5 drops as a mask at night to revive tired, grey looking skin and wake up to a refreshed, smooth complexion 6. Target pigmentation and uneven skin tone on the face, neck and decollete with 3 drops 7. Massage into cuticles for a perfectly manicured look 8. Spot treat sensitive skin which is prone to dry skin conditions 9. Target stretch marks & deep wrinkles with nature's solution 10. Use on the tips of hair to seal and protect from heat damage

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