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After Eight Mint Chocolate, 300g

After Eight

Who can resist opening a box of After Eight chocolates at the end of a festive meal? One of our favourite and most popular after dinner mints, After Eights are known for their mint chocolate thin parcels that almost melt in the mouth as you bite into them. The thin dark chocolate square case is filled with a peppermint flavoured fondant cream. . After Eight mints were created in 1962 by Rowntree but were acquired by Nestle in 1988 and are still made by Nestle today. They started out with just these mint thins but recently have expanded the range to include After Eight Bite Size (munchable bite size pieces with the same dark chocolate exterior and soft mint fondant cream centre), and an After Eight Collection box that's filled with different kinds of mint chocolates. The Collection box is great for sharing at the end of a dinner party but it's also a great box of chocolates to give as a gift. . Warning: After Eights are no longer dairy free. They used to be, but in 2007 Nestle started adding butterfat to the chocolate mixture so they are now considered a dairy product.

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