Acana 3042-1 Hanging Moisture Absorber Traps - White (Pack of 4) - British Essentials

Acana 3042-1 Hanging Moisture Absorber Traps - White (Pack of 4)


A New Acana Hanging Moisture Absorber with 4 Spill-Proof Sachets. Infused with Fresh Lavender. Can also be used in Drawers and Storage Units. * Moisture and Damp In - Freshness Out * Effectively prevents podours and damage caused by excess moisture and humidity * Absorbs the excess moisture - Trapping it and turning it into a safe gel * the Versatile design of the sachets allows for hanging in the wardrobe or to be placed in drawers * Safe and easy to use - Will not leak or spill (* Lasts for 2-3 months and features an End of Life Indicator * Each pack includes hanging hooks THe Acana Hanging Moisture Absorber and Freshener uses innovative Sachets that have been specially created using the latest technology to remove safely and effectively lock-away excess moistute and associated unwanted odours from homes, offices, cars and boats. Each sachet contains active crystals that attract moisture through its "one-way" filter and then turns it into a safe gel-removing and locking away unwanted moisture and its associated odours. At the same time each sachet de-odorises and freshens continuously with a " Fresh Lavender " fragrance. Also helps protect clothes, fabrics, leather, stores, electronics and more from moisture and mildew. Ideal to hang in wardrobes, closets, cupboards etc. The sachets can be used separately amongst storage items in drawers, storage containers, suitcases, as well as in shoes and trainers Replace the sachets when they are swollen and the crystals all turn to gel. See " Re-New" indicator window on each sachet.

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