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by Capushino
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Capushino Shop : Brand : Strepsils Product Size : 24 Lozenges Condition : Brand new & Never used with a seal pack Description : Soothing effective relief for sore throats. Dual antiseptic action. Strepsils Honey and Lemon Lozenges provide effective relief from the discomfort of sore throats. Each lozenges contains.A combination of 2 antiseptics to fight the infections which can cause sore throats and mouth infections.Honey and lemon. Safety Information : If symptoms persist or are accompanied by fever, headache nausea or vomiting consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of children.Remember young children can choke on lozenges. Ingredients: Active ingredients: Amylmetacresol 0.6mg, 4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2 mg.Also contains; Sucrose, Glucose Syrup, Honey, Tartaric Acid, Peppermint Oil, Terpenless Lemon Oil and Quinoline Yellow (E104).Each lozenege contains 1g of glucose and 1.4g of sucrose. Directions: Adults, elderly and children: dissolve 1 lozenge slowly in mouth every 2-3 hours.

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