(3 PACK) - Haliborange - Vitamins Ac & D Orange | 60's | 3 PACK BUNDLE

by Haliborange
£18.69 GBP

Haliborange-Vitamins Ac & D Orange (60 Tablets)Haliborange Vitamins A, C and D - All Natural Orange flavour chewable tablets. For generations children have always loved the delicious sunshine tangy orange flavour of Haliborange. You can trust Haliborange to provide specially formulated vitamins for your children. Haliborange A, C and D contains the three most important vitamins that the Government recommends for young children. Vitamins A, C and D are important for: Vitamin A - Maintaining healthy skin. Helping to maintain good vision Vitamin C - Maintaining a healthy immune system. Helping the body absorb iron Vitamin D - Helping support healthy teeth. Normal growth and development of bones in children.

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