Arden and Amici Savoiardi 200g

by Arden & Amici
£2.79 GBP

Delicately light and airy, the perfect choice for a base to Tiramisu and Triflé. Often served with an Espresso or ice cream in Italy! What a wonderful job we have, exploring authentic Italy, discovering the best in Italian bakery to bring home to you! We've made some great friends with generations of local Italian bakers who share with us a passion for traditional methods and quality ingredients. We've developed a fantastic bakery range capturing the love and devotion Italians have for their food, family and friends. We are delighted to introduce you to this fantastic 3rd generation family bakery, nestled in the beautiful Veronese mountains. The story began in the middle of the 19th century when the family began baking sweet biscuits and bread for the locals. The love and passion for baking has carried over the generations with Renato and his two brothers now leading the way.

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