Why Brits Love Dips - A List Of Our Favourites

There is no denying that Brits love a dip or sauce with their meal and everyone has their own go-to. Of course, this dip can change depending on the meal you are eating and some Brits get very passionate about what you should and shouldn’t have with certain sauces. 

With such a wide variety of dips available not only in British shops but also in many restaurants, you can sometimes be stuck for choice when it comes to choosing just one. Yes, there are some Brits that will mix and match their sauces which is incredibly controversial and many just stick to one. To help you narrow down this choice of dips/sauces, we have put together a list of our favourites which are a must-have for every household. 

Tomato sauce 

Some say that this is the holy grail of sauces. It probably is the most popular dip and is eaten with such a wide range of meals. You will probably be surprised by some of the dishes we have heard people ask for tomato sauce with and a roast dinner is on the list. 

When it comes to tomato sauce lots of people say that there really is only one brand to purchase. Heinz tomato sauce is almost royalty in the UK and many people won’t have tomato sauce if it is from any other brand. 

BBQ sauce 

In recent years this dip has started to compete with tomato sauce for the top spot and many Brits will now select this as their first choice. When it comes to chicken nuggets or wedges lots of people will reach for the BBQ sauce. 

There are lots of different brands of BBQ sauce available to purchase in UK food stores and each one has a distinct taste. It is very difficult to pick a favourite but, many would say HP original BBQ sauce takes top place. 

Brown sauce 

Lots of people refuse to eat a bacon or sausage sandwich without brown sauce. It has a distinctive sweet tangy taste that shouldn’t be confused with BBQ sauce, they are very different. Many people will also still choose this sauce as their dip of choice for a bowl of chips. 

The majority know exactly which brand to choose when it comes to brown sauce. Daddies brown sauce has had a place on dining tables in the UK, since its launch way back in 1904, and it is probably the most famous brown sauce available. 

Hot sauce 

Spicy food is a firm favourite for many in the UK and this is the same when it comes to sauces. Lots of people love to have a hot sauce or a chilli sauce in the cupboard. It is often added to dishes to give them a kick as well as being a dip in its own right. 

When choosing a hot sauce many people choose to a sweet chilli sauce and then Blue Dragon sauce is the brand that you will find in most cupboards. It is such a versatile sauce and every household can make use of a bottle.  


Similarly to BBQ sauce, mayonnaise lovers are on the rise and more so than ever before this is on the list of must-have dips in cafes and restaurants. Whether you are making a sandwich, eating chips or dipping pizza crusts mayonnaise is now a dip many can’t live without. 

These days you can also get lots of different flavours of mayonnaise which Brits also seem to love. But, when it comes to original mayonnaise many say that there is only one brand to choose; Hellman’s is the only option. 

Salad cream 

This dip isn’t as popular as it once was, some even say that it has been replaced by mayonnaise and yet others still can’t live without it. Of course, when looking for the perfect accompaniment to a salad, there is no other sauce for the job. 

Again, there is one salad cream that people say is superior. Heinz is taking the lead with this dip too and lots will only choose this brand when doing their food shop. Although many supermarkets have their own brands they are no competition. 

Brits and their dips 

All in all, whatever the meal may be, some Brits will always need a dip/sauce. Once you have found your favourite brand for dip no others will compare and you will definitely be able to tell the difference. For this reason, no matter where you are in the world you will want to make sure that you can get your hands on these dips. 

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