What does a new expat need?

What does a new British Expat need?

Becoming an expat is a stressful experience and getting into your new culture can be difficult at times. But! It need not be, we have asked some our customers what items they wished they would have taken or purchased/subscribed to whilst being expats.


Well we are british... During stressful times tea really is the liquid that keeps us going. When you first arrive in your new home we almost guarantee that yorkshire gold will not be available (trust us it's our most popular item) so you probably won’t know what are the local tesco value branded stuff from the twinings. Taking a (ideally massive) box with you means that you’ll be able to spend your first few days with a taste of home.

City guide

Unless you’re already familiar with the area you’re moving to, city guides are invaluable for new expats. We personally recommend downloading an app on your phone/tablet if you can. Wandering round your new home with someone local if you have no sense of direction or on your own if you are confident enough. This might make you feel a bit like a tourist but using guides are their for a reason!

A special something from home

Perhaps its something little and not that extraordinary, maybe its flash and glamourus, no matter what it is that little object can really make a new country feel less foreign and more like the place you live.

UK Adaptors

Let's be honest they are the best plugs, (fun fact! They can also be used as bottle openers)  thankfully when it comes to our media devices and phones the USB socket is universal so it's not as bad as it was. However, their is bound to be at least one thing that you'll need the adaptor for, so for your own sanity take one or buy it when you arrive


Call your loved ones alot, its one of main things our customers say to us. Since frequent international phone calls can be really pricey. Skype is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with loved ones.

Medical insurance (if needed)

Thank the lord for the NHS eh? Depending on where you go of course you will need medical insurance. Research is KEY and if you read our last blog you'd know this *wink* If you should get ill or suffer an injury abroad getting treatment can be costly and confusing if you don’t have insurance in place to cover it.

A pay-as-you-go phone

I did this myself before I eventually went to contract, sometimes you can't get a contract right away and need to have a phone (especially now a days) this will ensure that you can make and receive calls texts and emails.

Local currency

Cash cards and internet banking exist thank god! However having some of your new country’s currency in physical form can be really useful. Your first few days of being an expat i can guarantee you, it will be used.  You will need currency right from the moment you step off the plane in your new country. A pre-paid currency card is ideal!

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