What Are Britain's Favourite Crisps?


It is no secret that Brits love crisps, whether its a classic bag of ready salted or a new and exciting flavour - we just can’t say no. They are, what some people may say, essential to a Brit’s diet, whether you have a packet in your lunch box, a share bag at a party or even snack - we understand how addictive they are. With what feels like an endless variety of flavours and brands to choose from in a British food shop, we have put together a list of Britain’s favourites. 




We can’t talk about crisps without automatically turning to Walkers. The classic crisp, you are guaranteed to find these in the confectionery aisle of every British store. With three core flavours, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar and ready salted, everyone has their own personal favourite. 


However, Walkers don’t just stop there, as they have a delicious range of meaty flavours and even some more controversial packets to choose from such as marmite and pickled onion. No matter which flavour you would reach for first, we are sure that you’ll agree there are no better crisps out there. 


Hula Hoops 


These crisps are loved by men, women and children. They are the perfect lunch box snack enjoyed all over the country. Putting on your “rings” and sharing them with your friends is a regular occurrence in the British playground. 


Hundreds and millions of packs of Hula Hoops are eaten in the UK every year, making them one of the country’s most iconic and best-loved crisps. Like Walkers, Hula Hoops have also expanded from the typical crisp flavours and have even made new takes of the original crisp by introducing ‘Puffs’ and ‘Big Hoops’. 




If you’re all about flavour then, of course, one of the best brands includes McCoys. We know that nothing is more disappointing than food tasting dull, especially when it comes to crisps, after all, if you wanted to eat a plain potato then you would just do so. 


The unforgettable flavour of McCoys is the reason why they are one of the nation's favourites. Not only are their flavours incredibly powerful but, they are also thick and ridged. Get a real crunch with this high-quality crisp and enjoy every mouthful. 




The classic party favourite, ‘once you pop you can’t stop’. Forget your standard crisps with standard packaging, when it comes to sharing your crisps what better way to do it than from a tube. Although, with the morish taste of Pringles you won’t want to share. This unique packaging also prevents the crisps from getting squashed and broken so every time you dive in for another one you know that these saddle shape crisps will be whole and you won’t be left snacking on the crumbs. 


Monster Munch 


Last but not least, are they the body of a monster or a monster's claw? Either way, these fun and flavour packed crips are definitely up there with Britain’s favourites. Even though there are only three flavours of Monster Munch to choose from, you will still be stuck for choice. Deciding between flamin’ hot, pickled onion and roast beef can be incredibly difficult. Not only are these crisps different in looks, but their texture is also different from your standard crisp and is loved by many. 


All Brits have their favourite crisps and many of them are only available to purchase in the UK. This can mean living abroad or travelling for a long time can leave you without a British shop and, therefore, Britians favourite crisps. Don’t worry, British Essentials is here to ensure that you can get British food delivered and your favourite flavours, brands and packets of crisps wherever you may be in the world. 


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