Well..What now?

It’s a no from Britain.

With the fallout of the EU Referendum happening as we speak, social media, news sites and TV are all asking the same question…’What now?’ Well in regards to Expats, there are suggestions that they may have to stop living abroad in European countries as government officials stated before the vote. Furthermore will UK citizens need special permits to work & live in the EU?

British Expats in EU

A lot depends on the kind of deal the UK agrees with the EU after the actual exit has taken place. If the government opted to put in place work restrictions, then other countries could do the same, meaning Brits would have to apply for visas to work in those countries.

Retaliation from other EU countries could also on be a possibility, Spain could make British retirees pay for their own healthcare after the 2 year protection which was announced this morning, which would not be ideal.

Could expats be removed from EU healthcare and other benefits?

On paper, yes. The outlining  result of Brexit, would mean that many UK expats would want negotiations from the exit meeting to be held at least at some point this year. in order to secure their continued right to work inside the EU, live and also own property in other EU countries, and also to be able access public services such as medical treatment. Does the Exit mean the end for this all? This is a possibility, we will have to see what negotiations happen in the meeting that will be held.

Could Brexit see expats deported by EU members?

This simply will not be the case, first and foremost because, there are numerous political (mainly human rights related) reasons the EU, won't and can't do such a thing, including the treatment of their own citizens living in the UK being put in danger if they were to do so.

Another reason which isn't as politically motivated is  that mass deportations of expats from other developed economies would make foreign investors think twice about said investing and potentially cause economic downfall in the country.

A lighter note is the fact that expats will have legal protection British expats living elsewhere in the EU at the time of Brexit would have individual "acquired rights" under international law.

This is belief based on the Vienna Convention of 1961, in which Brits who have already exercised their right to live in EU states can expect to keep that right. The important point is this only applies to people who have started life in the EU before the referendum.

There will be more to come out of this we are sure, but at this moment in time British Expats are fine where they are. Which..in reflection over the last 24 hours is a bright side.
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