UK’s Favourite Hot Drinks

Whittard Christmas Hot Chocolate

This delicious drink that has been inspired by hot chocolates all over Europe is definitley a christmas favourite on our list. It’s the perfect combination of allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves with a subtle taste of plum. What better way is there to curl up on the sofa watching “The Grinch” than with a mug of this hot chocolate to drink. Don’t forget to add marshmellows and cream with your hot chocolate drinks this christmas! Check us out online and see for yourself just how much of a variety we have to suit your preference.

Nescafe Vanilla Latte Coffee

Who doesn’t love a coffee to start them up in the morning? I know I do! But why not add a flavour twist to your taste buds by purchasing the vanilla latte coffee? A cheeky escape from your everyday coffee routine perhaps! And if it couldn’t get any better than that, it takes under one minute to make so there’s no need to rush on those busy mornings on the school run! There’s nothing more boring than tasting something that’s so simple. Start treating yourself on those 6am starts!

Tetley Vitamin C Peach And Orange

Sick of having a stuffy nose and a sore throat this winter? And it’s only November! Why not try building up your immune system this season with the Tetley Peach and Orange drink. You only need one mug a day as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The drink perfectly blends a delicious Peach and Orange flavour in with vitamin C. A perfect way to steer clear of the flu season! There are plenty of different flavours on our website also.

Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea

A drink that everyone in the family can love! This sweet tea with a golden syrup flavour is a must have for your cupboards this winter. The perfect drink to come home to after being stuck out in the rain, or maybe even the snow! This Ginger-Bread tea is also perfect for young children as the sweet flavour reminds them of visiting the cake shop or the bakery. Why not try dunking some Mcvitie Rich Tea biscuits in with your tea? This is a personal favourite amongst Brits.

Teapigs Liquorice Peppermint Tea

This Liquorice and Mint tea is the perfect drink to soothe your throat this winter, or even if you just fancy a little treat every now and then. It uses the natural root of the liquorice plant and not the sticky stuff that no one can hack! And better yet, it’s caffeine free meaning if you have a mug before bed, you won’t be staring at the ceiling all night! The perfect drink to knock you right to sleep! Why not try it with ice for a new taste!



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