Things the Brits do Better.

Well, in the light of recent ‘Events’... not that we needed reminding, it seems we do in fact do things the same (if not better) than our counterparts on the other side of the pond... 

From perks such as free healthcare, the fact that it is the birthplace of David Attenborough, it turns out, we don't have it too bad in ol’ blighty. Well if you happen to be unhappy about a certain election result, you are all more than welcome over here. 

And if you do decided to pack your suitcases, here are some of the things you can expect when you walk through to a cold wet and windy day at Heathrow (or whichever delightful raining and cold airport greets you.)


We as a nation are much better at queuing than people in the States…or anywhere else as it goes. Mainly because skipping in line is punishable by death over here. (Seriously)



With the current pound being as strong as it is at the moment, a full tank of petrol (Gas) can cost as little as £60! Which will be about 45 cents your side.



Let me set a scene for are 7 years old, your mum has made your favourite fish fingers, potato smilies and beans. You tuck in, only to realise that there is in fact A BLOOMIN SAUSAGE IN THE BEANS! For that reason, we have better food.



Welcome home to a good cuppa! It has to be English Breakfast or Earl Grey. PG tips or Tetley, (Twinings if you're Stephen Fry). It’s Great for hangovers or getting through those long work days.


Cheese rolling

Every year we chase wheels of cheese down a hill in Gloucestershire. For fun. Aren't we just zainy.


Knowing when to end a TV show

We know when things have run its course, just look at Brexit! The inbetweeners had 2 great series and 1 OK one. As well as a couple of quite good movies.

The American version of the office managed to drag over nine series. That is just far too many for a show about people going to work in an office.



Monty Python, Blackadder, Black Books, the IT Crowd. We have had great success with Comedy over the decades, all we need now is a new one to come along...



American TV is aflush with adverts, they are far too frequent and boring, ours, on the other hand, are a bit more… imaginative. I.e. the ribena advert (de ba der de ba der de bar der)


Our museums

Sure, the US has great museums. But the UK has great museums that are FREE.

Galleries and museums in the UK are free, not all of them of course but most of them are, some may charge for tickets to special parts of the exhibit.



A bit of a serious one, but one commenter pointed out that our police are much better trained to do their jobs. And they kill FAR fewer people.

And we have to hand it to them, they do beat their US counterparts hands down for resolving even the most threatening conflicts without relying on firearms.



Best of all…free healthcare for everyone, God bless the NHS

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