The Big Question – Do you go Home or go on Holiday?

When it comes to most people, we picture ourselves spending summer somewhere hot, foreign and exotic. It is not the case however for most of expatriates, that’s their day-to-day.

It might be that they discovered the country, or general area when they first holidayed their.

“Living the dream” isn’t something that is ever truly fulfilled. You get bored of anywhere if you live there long enough, so what are expats supposed to do when the summer holidays arrive?

The Question, Do you go Home or go on Holiday?

Many expats will struggle with the choice when it arrives. Limited holiday time and (Usually) friends and family wanting to see you, do you spend it travelling and enjoying yourself or going back home to see them? If their are children involved, (ie the expats) this can usually lead to the easiest option which is going home to see friends and family.

Expats often get home sickness which we've covered in a previous blog , also guilt of not seeing family is also a factor. This will be more so if they have children, as relatives will be desperate to see them of course (unless they are not well behaved).

Expats are of course free to make their own choices, many expats we know feel as though that as they  made the decision to move abroad, it would be unfair to expect family to go to the expense and time visiting them regularly.

Of course there is no right answer and finding the right family/travel balance is something many expats find challenging.

Visiting relatives and how to make the best of it

Striking a balance is great to make a family visit feel like a normal holiday. Some expats see it as a obligation that is detracting from other plans, this does not have to be that way. Planning correctly can turn a trip home into a great holiday for everyone.

This of course is the best case scenario, If people's partner’s family lives a long way away from their own, a neutral point in the middle that’s within easy travelling distance of both parties might be the best way to go.

Kids will be just happy to see their grandparents, you can of course catch up with old friends and of course your parents. If the kids have grown up since you last took them home, you have a great chance to show them your old haunts, friends and tell them about past experiences

Expat Staycation?

‘Staycation’ is exactly how it sounds, positives include not having to use your holiday time to travel abroad. Staycations are the same no matter where you are in the world. In fact, it could be more appealing family and friends, we certainly have used expat friends houses for accommodation for holidays!

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself. It's your time off, spend it however you deem best. Just remember to make some memories and have fun

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