The Best Mini Treats For Your Easter Egg Hunt

Every Easter, children up and down the country will excitedly rush around their homes and gardens searching for little hidden eggs with their friends and family. For many, Easter simply wouldn’t be the same without the annual egg hunt and it is something that gets planned meticulously by the adults. 

One very important part of an Easter egg hunt is the treats that the children will be searching for. The majority of families will choose to hide paper eggs around their homes for their little ones to find and then reward them with one big chocolate egg at the end. However, there are so many mini treats that are perfect for hiding around your home for your Easter egg hunt. If you’re wanting to mix things up a little bit this year, keep reading today for some inspiration. 

Mini chocolate eggs

This is actually a classic for an Easter egg hunt and if families already hide mini treats then you can almost guarantee that it will be a mini egg they hide. With so many big name brands creating mini eggs, usually specifically for this reason, you will be spoilt for choice when searching British food stores. Of course, you have your classic children’s favourites like Kinder mini eggs but, other brands such as Cadbury and Galaxy will also bring out mini eggs specifically for Easter time. 

Mini chocolate animals 

As well as mini eggs, lots of brands will make mini chocolate animals for Easter. They are adorable and the perfect items to hide for your Easter egg hunt. As expected, one of the most popular animals that brands choose to create out of chocolate is a bunny. Lindt mini bunnies and Malteaser mini bunnies are both incredibly popular and a brilliant size for an Easter egg hunt. 

You can also get other little animal chocolates that are specifically brought out for Easter with egg hunts or gifts in mind. Lindt has now made adorable mini chick chocolates and bugs and bees chocolates too so, why not get a selection of animals to hide for your children? Of course, Lindt chocolate is amazing as well and we are sure that any adult guests won’t mind eating the leftovers.  

Mini bags of sweets 

Some children will prefer to have sweets over chocolate at Easter time and you may want to offer a variety of both to your guests. Thankfully, you can get lots of big named brands like Haribo in mini bags which are perfect for hiding straight out of the tub. However, if you’re wanting to stick to the Easter theme then you may want to consider purchasing some little clear bags to hide sweets in. Bassetts, for example, have brought out some share bags of jelly bunnies for Easter so, you could simply split these up into little bags before hiding them. 

Purchasing the best mini treats

Why not bring a new lease of life to your Easter egg hunt this year and purchase some of the adorable Easter-themed mini treats mentioned above? You can guarantee that your little ones will love finding different Easter shaped sweets and mini chocolate animals as much as they will enjoy eating them after too. 

If you’re wanting to host an amazing Easter egg hunt this year and you’re searching for somewhere to purchase British sweets and chocolates from then, visit the British Essentials website today. They are one of the only UK shopping sites, with international shipping, that has all of the big named traditional British treats available to purchase, so why look elsewhere for your Easter essentials this year? You can trust that your Easter egg hunt is in safe hands with British Essentials. 

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