The Best Cakes For Different Occasions

Nothing beats a slice of cake. Brits will come up with any excuse to bake, buy and eat cake. As a nation, we are known for our sweet tooth and we love cake almost as much as we love a good cup of tea, even better when we have both at the same time. 

Although sometimes we will eat any kind of cake at any time, if it is offered, there are definitely specific times that call for specific types of cake. We have put together a list of our go-to British treats for popular occasions when people usually eat cake. 

Afternoon Tea

We can’t talk about cake without mentioning afternoon tea. It was introduced in Britain way back in the 1840s and has been loved by Brits ever since. You can now get so many varieties of afternoon tea, yet what they all have in common is incredible bite-size cakes. 

You will find everything from eclairs and flapjacks to macaroons and french fancies at an afternoon tea. There really are no limits when it comes to the cakes for this occasion making it incredibly hard to pick a favourite.  

Winter Dessert 

There are definitely some desserts that are suited to specific seasons. When we think of winter we automatically think of warm food and this is the same when it comes to desserts. 

As soon as it gets colder outside, we automatically want classic warm cakes like sticky toffee pudding and spotted dick pudding, not to mention custard. There really is no better combination than a steamed pudding and custard during the colder months. 

Birthday Celebrations 

Of course, the best cakes come out for celebrations and birthdays in particular. This occasion usually calls for grand cakes with impressive decorations and we have seen some incredible birthday cakes in our time. 

There are so many different flavours to choose from when making deciding on a birthday cake even harder. Over the past couple of years, red velvet cake has taken over. Its bright colour and sweet taste has captured the attention of many Brits and it is often a go-to birthday cake rivalling the trusty chocolate cake. 

Christmas Party 

Christmas is the one time of year when you will be attending parties left, right and centre. You can usually guarantee that if there is some sort of buffet at the party you are attending then you will find a sweet selection of Christmas cake and mince pies. 

These seasonal treats are a must at this time of year and we can guarantee that these cakes will be part of everyone’s British food shop in December. 

Summer BBQ

As we mentioned previously a change in the season can change your go-to cake options. Summertime leaves us reaching for light airy cakes or even different dessert options altogether. 

At summer BBQs you will often find a range of tarts such as Bakewell tarts and usually a trifle. Of course, some people do make their trifle with a cake layer or using sponge fingers which usually satisfies a want for cake. 

Purchasing your favourite cakes 

The majority of Brit’s most loved cakes are available to purchase in almost any supermarket you step foot in. There is often a whole aisle solely dedicated to these incredible treats and if you can’t purchase what you’re looking for ready-made then, you are usually guaranteed to be able to find a box mix or the ingredients you need to make it yourself. 

Many people fear that if they were to ever move abroad or spend a long time out of the UK then they will have to live without the cakes that we Brits love. This doesn’t have to be the case, as thankfully you can now purchase your favourite cakes online from anywhere in the world. Think of British Essentials as your very own British online supermarket, we can provide you with any sweet treats you would usually search for in an English grocery store all in one place, wherever you are. 

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