Sandwiches that British people don't realise are actually kind of weird

If it can fit in a sandwich, you can be darn sure we'll put it in a sandwich.

Fish Finger Sandwich.

Preferably drowned in tomato ketchup or tartar sauce if you're feeling fancy.


Jam sandwiches.

Not too sure on this one, jam on toast is fine but between 2 pieces of the raw version isn't?

Sandwiches purchased from corner shops.

You might as well play russian roulette whilst youre at it

Christmas sandwiches.

You know Christmas is coming when shops start selling sandwiches filled with cranberry sauce, turkey and stuffing.

Sandwiches made from the leftovers of christmas.

“Do you want a turkey sarnie?” she says as if it is really a question, of course i do!

Sandwiches cut into fingers.

It somehow increases a sandwich's fanciness by at least 70% and the amount you get to by the same percentage.

A ploughman's lunch.

The original hipster meal. DIY expertise is needed for this farmers favourite.

The toast sandwich.

If you're ever feeling down or uncreative just remember that someone, somewhere decided to put some well done bread between some raw bread and thought “ya, lets do this”

Crisp sandwiches.

whoever created this deserves to be featured on our banknotes and coins.

Chip sandwiches.

A British staple and something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, (at least to me)

Cucumber sandwiches.

Surprisingly refreshing, perfect for a hot summers day paired with some lemonade to go along with your tennis match or polo tournament.

Pasty barms.

The pie barm's cousin. This creation of the north Is a question for the philosophers. On regards as to why on earth is exists in the first place, IT HAS PASTRY SO YOU CAN HOLD IT! WHY DO YOU NEED ANOTHER LAYER?! 

Marmalade sandwiches.

A favourite of a certain Cockney bear and with good reason, absolute gem of a sandwich.

Sandwich paste.

The idea of spreading a paste onto a sandwich might sound as appealing as bath with a toaster, but you'd be wrong! salmon paste is a favourite of ours.

Bacon sandwiches with brown sauce.

What flavour is brown sauce? I mean, whats it based on? what is it supposed to be? Hope we find out some day.

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