Quick And Easy Meals That Brits Love

Everyone loves convenience food and lots of Brits will opt for ready meals or fast food. Yet, many Brits also love cooking and everyone has their go-to quick and easy meals for weekday evenings. 

Over the years, traditional British food as changed and long are the days of meat, veg and potatoes every night. Rice and pasta dishes seem to have taken over and you will find that most Brits pick up these carbs up in their weekly grocery shopping. 

Even though some of Brits favourite meals didn’t originate in England they have definitely found a home here. If you’re looking for some dinner inspiration British Essentials have put together a list of quick and easy meals that Brits love. 

Fish and chips

We can’t talk about meals that Brits love and not mention fish and chips. Of course, most people go to a chippy for this meal, but you can also find a selection in every British shop and you will be surprised how many people cook it at home too. Whether its beer batter or bread crumbs any coated fish with some oven chips and a side of peas or baked beans is a classic British meal. 


Again, this is a food that some people will automatically turn to a takeaway for but sometimes a homemade curry is just as delicious (it is much better for you too). Thanks to diverse ethnic communities in the UK people eat a wide range of different flavoured and spiced curries. At home, curry is usually served with rice but adding a side of poppadoms and naan bread makes this meal even better. 

Sausage and mash 

You may have heard this meal called “bangers and mash” because the sausages "bang" on the pan when are cooked too quickly. This is a family-friendly dish that is so easy to make and it is a real winter warmer. Whether you prefer pork, chicken or turkey sausages this meal will work with them all. Our tip would be to try adding onions to your gravy, it will top this meal off and you won’t regret it.  

Spaghetti Bolognese

Although Italian in origin you can expect almost every British household to have this dish at least once a month. You have probably heard it shortened to ‘spag bol’ and it may also be made with pasta rather than spaghetti. Some people will choose to have their spag bol with salad and others will opt for a side of garlic bread, whichever you would prefer, it is a delicious meal. 

Stew and dumplings

This is another dish that is perfect for this time of year, some even say that a hearty stew and dumplings is the backbone of winter food in the UK. You can use any meat of your choice and also throw in as many different vegetables as you like. Although this dish isn’t exactly quick to cook, it is quick to prep and you can leave it to cook by itself in a slow cooker. 

Shepherd's pie

If you have leftover lamb, or even beef for a cottage pie, then this meal is usually a go-to in households in the UK. It is essentially ground meat in a seasoned gravy covered in mashed potato, some people even top the dish with cheese to finish it off. Serve with mixed vegetables for a great healthy filling family meal. 

Toad in the hole

There is no denying that Brits love Yorkshire puddings and what is better than a huge Yorkshire pudding surrounding tasty sausages? Similarly to the bangers and mash, you should have this dish with vegetables and onion gravy to really get the best mixture of flavours. This beloved meal is an absolute hit when served instead of your Sunday roast or even as a weeknight meal.

Trying these meals 

If you have never tried any of these meals before then they are an absolute must-have. You will be able to easily find a range of recipes for each and we can assure you that you will be making them again once you have tried them. 

Don’t worry if you don’t live in the UK, you can still enjoy these delicious meals. The majority of ingredients can be found worldwide but for the items that are specific to the UK, you can easily buy British food online with British Essentials. Our website is the equivalent to a British grocery store and our products can be purchased and delivered all over the world, so no one has to miss out. 

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