Incredible Countries British Expats Should Consider

With Brexit looming, the cost of living ever increasing and with wages that are not matching said increase. It’s no wonder why so many Brits are leaving. Want to join them? Well we can certainly help! Here are some of the best countries for expats you may not have even thought of.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a nature-lovers dream. It may be well known as one of the world’s top retirement destinations, but Costa Rica appeals to expats of all ages. Entrepreneurs or business owners, along with part time workers and the minority of them are retirees. Along with the great backdrops and weather, expats say that the locals are some of the friendliest around.

Cost? Living costs in Costa Rica are around £1,000+.

Who’s Hiring? The industry that is hiring the most is currently teaching, or the telemarketing industry.

How do I move there? Foreigners must apply for permission to work, along with applying for   temporary or permanent residence if they plan on working in the country.


A popular destination for Europeans and americans as well, It high popularity is down to the fact you can live pretty decadently on a low wage (by Western standards). Then there’s the incredible scenery, and if you're after citylife, Hanoi is a bustling area with lots of expats and great nightlife.

Cost? Living costs for Vietnam are around £800+

Who’s Hiring? Much like Costa rica, teaching is your best bet.

How do I move there? All foreign nationals need to obtain a Vietnamese visa and are required to register their presence with the local police. Working in Vietnam for three months or more require a work permit and an appropriate work visa as well.


Mexico is a popular choice for North American and Canadian expats, however it is attracting Brits to its sunny climates too. Large cities to secluded villages, there are so many places to choose to settle in – San Miguel de Allende are popular with expats. Mexico ranks highly for weather conditions and friendliness of the locals.

Cost? Living costs for Mexico are around £600+

Who’s Hiring? Many westerners choose to teach English, but there's A LOT of competition and salaries are often low.

How do I move there? Temporary resident visas (the most popular type among expats, which last up to four years) or permanent resident visas are available to all expats.



Philippines is a very family friendly country for the most part according to expats, low cost of living and childcare are one of the many reasons expat families are taking the plunge to move to the south-east asian country. With its welcoming attitude towards different cultures and a whole host of culinary hotspots and must-visit shops it has a lot going for it.

Cost? The cost of living in the Philippines is £600+.

Who’s Hiring? Manila has a large community of expat entrepreneurs with start ups.

How do I move there? To live, work, or study in the Philippines, you’ll need to apply for a visa.


Money goes a LONG way for expats in Thailand, food, transport, and accommodation are cheap. This, fun activities and great nightlife is why Thailand is popular with expats. Chiang Mai is a slower, more peaceful place with a temperate climate, Koh Samui is a scenic paradise, and Bangkok for modern city nightlife living.

Cost? Living cost for Thailand is £900+.

Who’s Hiring? Marketing consultancy is currently on the up, start-up businesses are also popular. Also weirdly driving instructors are surprisingly well paid.

How do I move there? Contacting the nearest Thai embassy where you will be advised  on the types of visas available.

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