How To Keep Your Dog Happy This Christmas

In many ways, the Christmas holidays are all about love. We fill our homes with our families and we treat them to delicious food and drink, before exchanging gifts and spending time together creating amazing memories. For many, a dog is part of the family and you will want to show them love and keep them happy the same way you do your children on Christmas day. 

The majority of dogs get so excited to just have people around them and they will love having a full house on Christmas day but, if you want to make their day even more special then there are definitely ways you can do so. British Essentials have put together a list of things we are sure all pampered pups will love. 

Advent calendars 

Every year, the advent calendar craze gets bigger and better. Thankfully, now our four-legged friends get to join in too. You can get some amazing advent calendars that are made specifically for dogs, being full of yummy treats for them to enjoy. You can let them join in every day when you’re opening your advent so that they never feel left out. Just ensure you keep it out of reach so they can’t help themselves when you’re not around. 


We can guarantee that your family and friends will be wanting to sneakily give your pup yummy food over the Christmas period, but this isn’t good for them and the last thing you want is them being poorly. Make sure that you get some Christmas treats in this year and let your visitors know that they are all your dog can have. You can then relax knowing that anything they eat won’t upset their tummy. 


Have you ever tried to let your dog open a present? If not, do it this year, they love it. You may be surprised to hear that lots of pups are great at getting their way into squeaky toys or yummy smelling treats. They can join in the fun of Christmas, simply wrap up some dog toys in dog-friendly wrapping paper and let them have a go when everyone else is unwrapping on Christmas morning.  


Christmas dinner is the highlight of the day for some people. You all get to look forward to a special meal, so why shouldn’t your dog too? So many brands these days are doing dog-friendly Christmas dinners and you will find them in most British supermarkets. Don’t worry, if your dog isn’t used to eating wet food, you can also get Christmas dinner bones too so they won’t miss out. 

Long walk 

Sometimes just making time for your dog is enough to keep them happy. Christmas day is incredibly busy and will go by so quickly, but amongst the madness make sure you find time to take your dog out. Get the family together and go for a long walk, your dog will probably be used to at least 2 or 3 walks a day so don’t forget that they will be expecting to go out. Some fresh air will be good for everyone and you can walk off your Christmas dinner. 

Treating your dog 

As a nation of pet lovers, we really will do anything to keep our dogs happy. You can trust that over the festive season this year the things we have mentioned above are sure to do so. Including your four-legged friend in the Christmas fun can be rewarding for both you and them, so make this Christmas one to remember. 

If you’re shopping for your pet this festive season and are struggling to find the best British shopping website that can provide you with everything you are looking for, then visit British Essentials. You will find a huge range of British goods all in one place for both your pup and yourselves. So, wherever you are in the world this Christmas you know that you can have all of your favourite British brands to celebrate the right way. 

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