Helping New And Veteran Expats Feel More At Home

The thought of starting a new chapter in an amazing part of the world can be incredibly exciting. Yet, for many, when it comes to packing their bags and booking their flights to a new country, this excitement can turn into daunting emotions and before even leaving, some will begin to feel homesick. Unfortunately, the stress and anxiety of relocating can take a huge toll on some people's general well-being and mental health.

As you may expect, when moving to live abroad, some will settle in and adjust quicker than others and, sometimes simple everyday things can be incredibly difficult for people. Thankfully, there are a few straightforward steps you can take to help you feel more at home and much happier as you start afresh and begin your life living abroad. To help anyone who is struggling, no matter how long they’ve been away from the UK, below are some tips that may make things slightly easier.

Ensure you’re socialising after work 

It isn’t uncommon for people to struggle with loneliness when moving to a new country. Even if you have work colleagues, they may not be the type of people who you can see yourself becoming friends with, so make a conscious effort to socialise after work. Why not join a club/group/team to meet new people with similar interests, this a brilliant place to start. 

Take care of your physical health 

Lots of people overlook the fact that your physical health has a direct impact on your mental health and something as simple as exercising on a regular basis can help to improve the way you’re feeling. Try to ensure that you’re getting the recommended amount of exercise on a weekly basis and even if you’re busy, squeeze it in, you will feel better if you do.

Try to connect with other expats 

You may not be aware of this, but there are lots of blogs, forums and even social media groups devoted to expats. It should be quite easy to find other expats living in the same area as you and you may even find others you’re able to relate to. This can be a great way to make new friends or even just get tips about the local area from others in a similar position as you.

Always learn the language 

This may seem obvious, but learning a new language can be really difficult and many put off doing so. When you move to a different country, if you only know the basics of the language, this can make you feel quite isolated. Try to spend some time working on this, after all, the more fluent you are, the easier it will be to communicate with others and the easier you will find day-to-day life. 

Re-decorate where you’re staying 

Often, people are surprised just how much of a difference re-decorating can make to their overall wellbeing. Ensure that you turn the place you’re staying into somewhere you love spending time and that you fill it with all of your favourite things. It is likely that you will feel much better when your new house starts to feel more like your home. 

Find a new favourite place 

Familiarising yourself with your surroundings is important. However, as well as learning things such as where your closest corner shop or pharmacy is, you should also ensure you’re looking for enjoyable places like parks and coffee shops too. Try to find somewhere outside of where you’re staying that you love. Having a favourite place in your neighbourhood can really help.

How British Essentials can help new and veteran expats 

Hopefully, the tips above will be beneficial to you, no matter where in the world it is that you have moved to and how long you have been there. It is fair to say that it takes time for somewhere new to begin to feel like home and you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself for this to happen overnight. By taking each day one step at a time, you will slowly create a new life for yourself and when doing so, begin to love everything about living in a foreign country. 

Here at British Essentials, we understand how difficult it can be to live somewhere new and, for this reason, we wanted to make it incredibly easy for people to order their home comforts online from anywhere in the world. As a British import store, you can rely on us to provide you with everything from British food to British cleaning products, so as you settle in you can still fill your house with things that remind you of home. We hope that by purchasing the items you know and love from our import store, moving will be made that little bit easier.
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