Happiest Expats

Being happy is not an exact formula, as well know earning a lot of money does not necessarily equate to a happy life, and travelling does not equal a life fulfilled either.

However, where you are in the world has a huge impact on how we feel and how we live our lives, Some countries with expats that made the top slots are not necessarily earning a huge amount of money, but something about living in these countries gives them a sense of glee and satisfaction.

  1. Spain — Accommodation, food and drink, some of the best football in the world along with cheap transport in comparison to other European countries such as the UK. Along with  good weather and great history and culture, British expats especially rate this as one of the countries they are most happy to live in.
  2. Panama — Rich in history, great landscapes Panama is a country for economy  related jobs, mainly including including finance and infrastructure. Good wages and weather does not hurt the country's reputation either.
  3. Vietnam — ‘Coulourful History’ is one of the things this south asian country is known for. Europeans love the cost of living along with incredible scenery, activities and places to explore as well as a short distance from other nations such as Thailand, Singapore and China as well.
  4. Thailand — Another Western expat destination is Thailand, low cost of living, easiness of settling in, cheap booze and famous nightlife certainly keep the young expats happy.
  5. New Zealand — The Land or J.R.R Tolkien, the country may be out of the way for europeans but is very much worth the trip. Good healthcare, education and living standards  all contribute to european and British expats saying they are extremely happy living there.
  6. Ecuador — With the country falling in regards to quality of life according to publications,  in terms of personal happiness expats are still regarding it as one of the best places in the world to stay. As with others on this list the cost of living is low and weather and activities are plentiful. (Funny that huh?)
  7. Canada - Land of the chocolate moose, lovers of the hockey on ice and all round full of nice people, canada has become a staple for British expats to flock to for the past 5 years or so.
  8. Australia — Knify Spoony, wildlife that all want to kill you, oceans filled with the same type of wild life What's not to love!? All jokes aside Brits have been flocking to Aus for years, weather, food portions (they are huge) and standard of living are all great along with great sites and history to delve into.
  9. Malta — Number one country europeans choose to relocate to, this is due to the ease of settling in, English being very common, low cost of living and amazing weather.
  10. Costa Rica — The country is one of the top 5 "dream destinations" for expats in all walks of life, young and old, easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world, known for its amazing beaches, sporting pedigree and happy natives it's a no brainer why people are flocking their.
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