Go-to British Christmas Gifts You Need To Purchase

Christmas is just around the corner and you may now be panicking about what to buy people. Although Christmas isn’t just about the gifts we all still want to give something to the people we care about at this time of year and we want to get it right. It can feel like there is a lot of pressure when it comes to gifts and many people overthink the whole process. 

Present shopping really doesn’t have to be a headache and remember, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune either. There are items out there that everyone loves to receive and that also come in incredibly handy throughout the year. British Essentials have put together a list of go-to gifts for your nearest and dearest, both for him and for her. 

For Him 


This is the sort of gift you might not necessarily ask for but you will definitely use. Men’s socks don’t have to be cheap and boring either. You can now get almost any design on your socks and there is something out there for everyone. Choose a pair that reflect their personality and we are sure they will love them. 

Pint glass 

There is no denying that this is a go-to for men, it is a safe present. This is a great idea for secret Santa or for someone that is really difficult to buy for. Whether you choose to gift it with a few different beers, or simply by itself, the recipient will always be happy to open a gift like this. You really can’t go wrong. 

Beard oil 

Obviously having a beard is essential for this gift to work but it is becoming more common for men to sport facial hair. Beard oil gift sets are really easy to get your hands on these days and you will find them in most British shops. Trust us when we say this gift is a real winner for anyone with a beard. 

Fancy chocolate 

A classic gift, this works for everyone. Don’t ever think that chocolate is a boring gift or that it isn’t enough, we can guarantee that the recipient will love it. Thankfully at Christmas time lots of British shops bring out a huge range of fancy chocolates so you will always have a good selection to choose from. 

For Her 


Anything that falls into this category is a winner for women. From bubble bath and body lotion to hand cream and perfume, there will be an amazing gift set for you to buy. This is another gift that you can guarantee will get used throughout the year and may even be expected again for Christmas next year. 


If you’re really struggling for an idea then you can’t go wrong with a candle. You can now get some beautiful candles that not only smell amazing, but also make a design statement too. You can pick this gift with someone in particular in mind and ensure that it works in their home or is a scent that they love. 

Coffee mug 

Similarly to chocolate, this is a classic gift for any occasion. A coffee mug is great for your children to gift their school teacher or even their grandparents, with such a wide variety on the market you can easily pick one up with a specific recipient in mind. If they have a favourite type of coffee or maybe they love syrups then you can easily make a little hamper with a mug. 

Wine glasses 

Stereotypically the same way you would get a beer glass for men a wine glass is a safe present for women. You can get some beautiful wine glasses in the UK at the moment, whether you choose a chic style or something with a saying or quote on you can trust that it will go down well. 

Ordering these go-to gifts 

Now that you aren’t stuck for ideas, you can go ahead and purchase all of the gifts you were struggling to think of. Don’t worry, even if you are abroad you can now get these classic go-to British gifts quickly and easily online. British Essentials is a UK shop with international delivery, where you can purchase many of your essential Christmas items over the festive period. 

Not only do we have a large range of gifts and Christmas items but you can also pick up your favourite British food staples and treats at the same time. Know that wherever you are in the world, you can have your home comforts with you this Christmas. 

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