Cute Essentials For Your Easter Party

Easter is the perfect time to get together with family and friends, the weather is starting to get better and the daffodils are blooming. For this reason, lots of people throw Easter-themed parties and enjoy creating Easter egg hunts and playing fun games with their children. But, of course, in order to throw a party to remember, there is a lot of planning involved. 

From purchasing decorations and organising the games to making yummy treats and getting your home ready for guests, there is a lot to do. As well as making sure you haven’t missed anything off your to-do list you also need to ensure you don’t forget to purchase your essentials. So, to help anyone putting together a list before heading to their local British supermarket, British Essentials have put together some cute must-haves for your Easter party. 

For the buffet table

At any party, the buffet table is often considered to be one of the most important areas and it is often the focal point. Aside from ensuring you have all of your food cooked, snacks prepared, cakes iced and drinks chilled, you also need to make sure you have thought of cutlery, crockery and glassware. 

To make things much easier for yourself when it comes to tidying up and to avoid anything breaking if you have lots of little ones running around excited, we would recommend you put paper plates and party cups on your shopping list. Remember not to forget napkins too, you can almost guarantee you will need these. You can get some incredibly cute bunny-themed buffet table essentials from British stores, so you will be spoilt for choice.  

For the Easter games 

You may have planned which games you’re going to plan and organised where you’re going to hide the Easter eggs for the big hunt but, it isn’t uncommon for prizes to slip your mind when planning a party. 

If you have lots of different games planned then we would recommend that you look at mini treats as prizes. This way, you won’t be overloading the little ones with sugar and you can also keep your costs down. For example, multi-packs of Lindt mini bunnies and Malteaster mini bunnies are perfect for prizes. You can guarantee that the adults will happily eat any extras that you have too. 

For your guests to take away with them

Usually, at the end of a party, there is so much food left that you are begging guests to take things away with them. If you have made lots of Easter biscuits and cakes or have purchased multiple packs of sweets and chocolate they can be left sitting on the buffet table and you won’t want these going to waste.


The best way to ensure you don’t end up with lots of leftovers is to get some Easter-themed party bags. You can load up the little ones with things they didn’t manage to eat over the course of the day and send everyone home with some yummy treats. You can even add in little extras to these party bags if you’d like to, such as Easter stickers or little Easter toys, as a small Easter gift for your younger guests.  

Preparing for your party 

By ensuring that everything mentioned above is on your list ready to do your party shopping you know that you will have all of the essentials you need. You can then enjoy transforming your home into an Easter wonderland and relax knowing that everything is in order. 

When searching for the best British shopping websites, whether you’re looking to buy British food or you’re looking to pick up other party must-haves, visit the British Essentials website today. We have everything you need to throw an amazing Easter party all in one place and we also offer international shipping. So, wherever you are in the world you can throw a traditionally British Easter party with all of your favourite British goods.

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