Cupboard Essentials For Your Little One

We all know what it's like with children, it is very rare for an hour to go by without them needing something to munch on and you can feel as though you are constantly re-stocking your cupboard. Just because your child is hungry doesn’t mean that they will eat anything either, they are often picky and have their favourite snacks. 

It can be a real panic for any parents if they can’t find their little one’s favourite snack and searching for an alternative can be incredibly difficult. If you are looking for the best items to stock your cupboard with and need some inspiration, British Essentials have put together a list of cupboard essentials for any parent. 

Fast fruit 

Getting children of any age to eat fruit can be a struggle and giving it to them at a young age is a great way to get them used to it. It isn’t always convenient to have fresh fruit in the house and stocking your cupboard with fruit pots, fruit bars or packs of dried fruit can be a great way to quickly give your little one a fruit-based snack. 

Organix have a great range of fruit pots, some of which are suitable for children of four moths plus and the others seven months plus. They have a mixture of mushed fruit pots and pots full of little fruit pieces. Even better still, they are one of your child’s five a day too. 

Healthy bars 

It is always great to have something in the cupboard that you know your little one will love and what’s not to love about a healthy snack bar? These are a great option on the go too, you can pop one in your bag and you know it is an easy to eat snack that your child can enjoy whenever they need. 

Kiddylicious has created a unique wafer bar that is brilliant for your little ones as soon as they are 6 months. Their blueberry wafers come in individual packets and are great if you’re looking for a no-mess, on the go snack. 

Breakfast oats 

We always have something in the cupboard for our breakfast but it can be hard to know what is best to give our little ones at this time of the day. Breakfast oats are a cupboard must-have, they are among the healthiest grains on earth. Oats have many health benefits and are a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants so, they are perfect for your child. 

Heinz has some brilliant breakfast oats that are specifically designed for children. They are made with soft oats so they are perfect for seven months plus. Treat your little one to a fun flavour like banana or blueberry too, we are sure they will love it. 

Organic crisps 

This is the perfect cupboard item for every household. They are a great addition to your children’s lunch or they can be eaten as a snack too. Opting for organic crisps or vegetable crips over various other options is also the best option for your little one. Often these crisps are baked rather than fried, which is much healthier. 

Organix Goodies have a huge range of delicious crisps. They have classics such as cheese puffs or something a little different and more fun such as tomato noughts & crosses. They are suitable for children 12 months and up, making them a great addition to your cupboard. 

Quick meals 

Sometimes you might not have time to cook a full meal that is suitable for your children, so having a quick nutritious meal in the cupboard that you know you can reach for can be a relief on a busy day. Knowing that even when you’re in a rush you can provide a delicious healthy dinner will give you peace of mind. 

Hipp has some incredibly quick and easy meals that are aimed at children from one year to three years. Their selection includes classic favourites such as ravioli in bolognese sauce and vegetable and beef casserole. They really do have something for everyone and their range is so big that your little one will never get bored. 

Stocking your cupboard 

Now you know what essentials you need, you can go ahead and start to stock your cupboard so that you are ready for any food occasion. If you’re searching for a convenient British online store for you to get all of these yummy foods from then visit the British Essentials website today. They have all of your British goods all in one place. 

Don’t worry, even if you’re abroad you can still use this British food website and get all of your little one’s food quickly and easily online. For your cupboard essentials don’t mess about and shop in multiple places when this British food shop have you covered with all of the big named British brands. 

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