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The British Essentials guide to buying British

Can it be done?

Well, it can! But at great difficulty, example; London buses are owned and run by Abellio, a Dutch company. So, unless you own a Morgan car it looks like walking is your only option!

Breakfast throws up more difficulties. Say you want to have some cereal, Weetabix for example is in fact owned by Chinese firm Bright Food. So perhaps...strawberries for breakfast?

Tea should be simple right guys? Were the home of tea! Nope… Twinings for example is packaged in Hampshire, but is grown mostly in Africa. PG Tips however is a safe bet, for lunch things get a little bit easier if you pay attention. Local cafes are obviously British, things such as chicken can be sources from local farms so a  chicken salad is easy and British.

What is a British product?

Simply put all products bought made or grown in Britain.

When eating out, it is too difficult to check whether they have sourced all their ingredients in the UK but drinks must be produced in Britain.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are your safest bet when partaking in this challenge is your best bet as many come from the UK. Ready meals are made in their vast majority in continental Europe.

Extended Reading

Toys and Games

Unlike 60 years ago, there are very few British toy builders around. One of them is Orchard Toys, which makes educational games and puzzles for toddlers. There’s also Merrythought, which makes teddy bears.

Wine & Other Alcohol

English wine is on the up, many British vineyards are producing wines of a world renowned high standard. Producers like Denbies and The Squerryes Estate, are just a few that create fantastic bottles of wine. Beer and cider is easy, we don't need to tell you which are British and which are not!

British Sauce

Surprises are at the center of British sauce ownership! HP sauce is made in Holland for example,  but do not despair. New kids on the block, Great British Sauce Company, are from the UK… In case you couldn't have guessed? .


Olive oil is the tricky one in this category, it can be difficult to get hold of and expensive but it is possible! British rapeseed oil however is in all of the major supermarkets across the country. Farrington and Hill Farm are the most popular brands for rapeseed oil.

Fake Britannia

A Union flag on products does not mean that it is made in Britain. Look for the specific words “Made in Britain” or the UK. To be absolutely sure however you there is now an official ‘Made in the UK’ label you can look out for!

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