British Foods You’re Bound To Miss When You Move Abroad

If you have lived in the UK for the majority of your life then it goes without saying that you will be used to walking around a British food shop and automatically picking up your favourite items from traditionally British brands. However, if you’re moving abroad then you may be wondering which of your favourite British classics you’ll still be able to get in your new local food shops.

Of course, around the world, food shops really do differ and we can guarantee that you won’t be able to get everything you can in a British food shop when you’re abroad. The majority of Brits that are now living elsewhere miss specific foods, so to help anyone moving abroad, we have put together a list of classics to stock up on or to purchase from import stores to ensure you never have to go without.

British crisps

Whilst you will be able to get a range of different crisps wherever you’re moving to, you’re probably going to miss some of the amazing products that we have here in the UK. From classic Walkers and Doritos to Monster Munch and Pringles, unfortunately, these won’t be on the shelves in your new local shops. Often, people miss not only the huge range of brands that we have here in British food shops, but also the vast selection of flavours that we have too. 

British pickles and sauces 

There is no denying that we get used to having certain things in our cupboards and often, many of these things are always one specific brand. For example, you can expect to find sauces like Heinz Ketchup and Hellman's Mayonnaise and also pickles like Branston Pickle or Haywards Piccalilli. For many Brits, these are essential to their meals and eating without them when you move abroad simply won’t be the same. 

British tins

You can also expect to find a range of tins in any Brit’s cupboard and usually, many of these tins are the same. Whether you enjoy Branston Baked Beans or Heinz Beans and Sausages, you’re probably going to miss these classic go-to’s when moving abroad. Of course, if you’re used to having Batchelors mushy peas with your chips then you will probably struggle to find a good alternative to specific things like this too. 

British drinks 

One of the biggest worries for many people moving abroad is what tea bags they’re going to be able to get. Whilst Brits are stereotypically known for loving tea, it really is true and everyone has their favourite brand that they can’t live without. From PG Tips to Yorkshire Tea, you will probably miss your go-to brand. Of course, as well as tea, we love our squash and fizzy drinks too and, you probably won’t find your British food shop classic abroad. 


British chocolate and sweets

These are probably the things that are missed most by Brits when they move abroad. Many of us can’t resist purchasing classic chocolate and sweets when visiting a British food shop and sometimes we go specifically for these yummy treats. From Cadbury and Galaxy to Swizzels and Rowntrees, the UK really is the place to be for good chocolate and sweets. Unfortunately, when you move, the local sweets probably won’t be up to your high standards. 

Getting British foods abroad

Now that you know which items you’re unlikely to be able to get hold of easily abroad and which items you’re bound to miss, you have time to ensure that you can get them elsewhere. Here at British Essentials, we understand what it is like to miss your classic British food shop when you move to a new country, and for this reason, we have the perfect solution for anyone in your situation. 

The British Essentials website can provide you with everything you need no matter where you are in the world. We are a trustworthy import store and we offer all of our customers some of the biggest named and most-loved brands from here in the UK. You can relax knowing that even though you might not be able to get the items above in your local store, you can purchase them from us, your online British food shop. 

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