British Drinkies

Why have we the Brits taken particular beverages to our cold cold hearts but not others? What is it about this Island's inhabitants that make us so selective with our drinking habits ?


Seriously, what else would you expect us to start this post with? We are addicted to tea. We consume it like its as needed as water, industrial strength or milky as you like. How we have our tea is also a serious decision, with several spoonfuls of sugar or not. Milk before the bag. Stuff that cannot be taken lightly!

Our variety of tea will astound and amaze you. From the bog standard earl grey, to an assortment of delights such as Darjeeling and popcorn. Yes popcorn flavoured tea!


Beer has always been popular since the discovery of brewing with hops, sugars and yeast all those years ago.

Beer drinkers tend to be one of 2, those who drink lager, generally brewed outside the UK, across the continent and over the pond. Then their are the bitter drinkers who prefer more sticks and leaves in their pint, (that won't go down well). 

Festivals run by ‘Campaign for Real Ale’ (CAMRA) are regular along with meets and fundraising if a small brewery is faced with closure. That, along with fighting to keep the  British pub scene alive as well.


Cider is currently going through a popularity spike at the moment, This sweet sweet nectar of the soul (Yes i'm a fan) is made with a range of great British apples, cider is a refreshing drink, best served chilled, drunk in open air such as a garden of sorts.


Pimms is a refined alcoholic punch made with fruits and alcohol. Its known to have a slow creepy booze effect.

Usually served in a large jug with lots of ice, fruit and traditionally cucumber slices. (where it usually stays if you're not sharing) 

Originally it was a drink for the upper classes, however now it is a very popular beverage with everyone as a summer drink. Ladies at races are known to be particularly fond of it... 


Once reserved for 40 year old women who are currently crying on a stairway, The gin, classically served with tonic, (prefer Lemonade myself, less of a bitter kick) ice with a slice of lemon is an icon of sophistication in the right hands. 

British Soft Drinks

There are many British concoctions for soft drink lovers, which has slowly been reappearing on the drinks market in the last few years. dandelion and burdock for one has an original taste to it, well worth sampling with plenty of ice. The unique taste of the (obvious) ingredients is now artificially manufactured, and is sweeter than the original drink.

Irn Bru on the other hand is insanely popular, especially in scotland. It outsells coca-cola, Pepsi and well… everything. Yet the flavor is hard to describe. It’s acidic, metallic with a certain tang, slightly unnatural.

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