Bright side of brexit

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and many if not most British expats are deeply concerned. But there are a few silver linings... perhaps.

Brits are fed up with all the negativity have asked us to try and put some positive spin on the result of the Brexit referendum and the economic fall out, which began

even before the results came in.

It has not been easy, but we've had a go at looking on the bright side of Brexit for Brits in the EU

Housing Prices

There will be hundreds if not thousands who return to Britain for whatever reason after we actually leave.

For people who already own property within the EU, now might just be the time to put it on the market, sell up and head home. With the pound being the lowest in years you are more likely to get more bang for your buck back home. it might even get better if you wait a little bit as well.

Nothing will happen for a while.

One thing that i think we can all agree on is that nothing will happen for a while. Some people are in fact many are suggesting that it will become so complicated for the UK to leave the EU that it might never happen and a new referendum will be brought forward (I think it’s the scot’s idea)

Europe Could very well be better off without us

Economists politicians and trade personnel have said it would be bad, one knows what will happen with the EU now that the UK has voted to leave. But its leaders, at least those from France, Germany and Italy, are promising "a new impulse" to the EU now that the "enfant terrible" has it made it clear it wants a run away under the promises of this man.


It may be that the British public's rejection of the EU, may force Europe to carry out the many necessary reforms to prevent other countries from following suit. And without Britain blocking the path, it may actually be possible to bring Europe closer together politically, which is what many economists believe is necessary.

In short, Brexit could give the EU an almighty kick up the backside and force it to take steps to make its economy stronger and to make the voters feel less disconnected from the decision makers.
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