Are We getting Enough Bank holidays?

Our funny little island has some great things going for it; pubs, Yorkshire puddings, beans with little sausages in them… However, it does have its downsides. Of all European countries, England has the fewest public holidays! Even our neighbouring countries have more than us. Scotland have 9 and Northern Ireland have 10 whilst England (and Wales, sorry guys) are slacking with just 8 a year. 


England and Wales share celebrations of New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May legal holiday, Spring legal holiday, Summer legal holiday, Christmas and Boxing Day. Doesn’t sound too bad when it’s listed like that, does it? 


But over the pond we can hear them having fun in Ireland on St.Patricks Day and celebrating the anniversary of Battle of the Boyne too. Scotland switch a few dates around from the England and Wales holidays and throw a couple more in too, so why not us? 


The database of EU laws says that Spain, England and Wales were reported to have the lowest number of public holidays of any EU countries in 2015… so who has the most?


Cyprus is coming in at 2nd place with a whopping 17 public holidays which is more than TWICE the amount England and Wales have.


But the winner is… 


(drum roll please)


India and Colombia both have 18 public holidays making them the kings of public holidays!


A long, long time ago, before the days of annual leave, we once used to receive 33 public holidays… oh how things change.


So what next?


There are the odd occasions we get a day or two off, such as royal weddings or deaths. The last of which was when Prince Harry got married all those years ago. Attitudes towards public holidays are changing though! As part of the previous two elections, the Labour Party drafted proposals to extend the amount of bank holidays given to the UK workforce. One of the days suggested was St. George’s Day together with other potential additions. As much as we’d love for these changes to take place it may be some time yet before we see them!


Basically, we want more time to do what we love - have a good cuppa and some biscuits with our feet up.
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