10 Ways To Find Other British Expats Near You

So you’ve arrived wherever you setting off to, trying to get to grips with everything and everyone. It can be overwhelming, with family and friends back home and all the social contact you have being work. There’s the large problem of trying to find a decent pin, friends and home comforts as well.

Speak out about your situation!

Especially when you arrive, people knowing that you are new and alone are much more likely to help you integrate into the country by either introducing you to people and helping you get to grips with your new home (travel, currency issues etc)

Google is your friend

It’s no surprise that the internet is a massive help for expats. Just Google ‘Brits in (city/place you're living name’) and you should be up and running. Also use the same technique when finding hobbies and places to eat etc.


A good resource before, during and after your expat experience, are message boards like BritsAbroad.com – many people have taken this path before you. There, you can find out the answer to countless questions and ask some yourself, we highly recommend it.

On Social Media

A gander around social media will always dig up something useful in the search for like minded people. No matter where you are, they’ll be a group for your footy team, obscure sport (rugby for instance), hobby or favorite TV show.

Pub? Pub

Most Americans will tell you where to find the Brits, “the pub.” Nevermore has utter truth been spoken, in most big cities around the world there will be some British/irish pubs where you can go for a few drinks and not feel like someone who has a problem.

At Your Local Specialty Food shop

Every Brit that hails in yonder shores hankers after a certain tea bit of confectionary, and there will be somewhere near you to get your hands on such items, usually where you can pay exorbitant prices for them. Now even some bigger grocery stores have started to stock British items. Failing that, you could use us….

On The Field

If you fancy playing British associated sports abroad,  there are plenty of opportunities almost everywhere in the world, everyone loves football, cricket is also popular in many places as well as some selections of rugby interest. they are often a homing beacon for Brits who want to socialise with each other.

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